How does our referral programm works?

 The Traderbox referral program will allow you to receive additional income from attracting users to our terminal.

By creating referral links and attracting users to the terminal, you can get additional income. Our referral program is 3-level, which means that you can receive income both your referrals (users who registered and paid for a subscription to the terminal) in the amount of 20% of the payment, and for the referrals of your referrals (5% for each payment) ).

How it works?

1. Go to the section "Referral program"

2. Create a Referral Link.
Type the name of your link and click "Create" (the name can be anything)
3. Done! Now you will receive about 20% of the payment of the user who registered using your link and 5% of the payment of the people who were brought by your referral
4. To withdraw money that you earned on the referral program, click in the "Transaction History" section on the Withdraw button. If you have not added your wallet before, click on the "Add new wallet" button
5. Fill in the fields. In the "Name" column, type in any name for your wallet.
In the "Address" column, insert your crypto wallet address
In the Currency column, select the currency in which you want to receive your money (Take into account changes in exchange rate differences). Our team advises you to choose popular coins as your currency, such as BTC, ETH
In the Tag column - put down the number 1

Click Add Wallet and Done. If within 3 days your money has not been received, contact our technical support by writing to our Jivo chat

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