1. How much can I earn?
In fact, there is no limit. Everything depends on settings and market conditions. You can substantially increase your chances of success by regular checking the reports, analysing the charts and making right conclusions. Please remember that your happiness is primarily in your own hands.
2. Is the profit guaranteed?
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. The market is not an immense basket of money, wherefrom everybody can take any amounts without any efforts. It is a ground allowing for gaining reasonable profit by using capacities of your brain. By investing in assets you trust and by investigating the market behaviour in search for winning strategies, you will taste success soon. This can be achieved with a demo account of 10 BTC. You may open it within one minute following the detailed manual.
3. Currency pair charts.
The charts will allow you to understand the market situation. The news will explain the reasons of sharp fluctuations, and the technical indicators will allow forecasting price movement. The earning capacity chart will show potential profit depending on the traded value.
4. Where can I find trade recommendations?
To get trade recommendations, you need just to point the mouse cursor to a currency pair, and a box with the trade recommendations on the selected currency will immediately appear. The trade recommendations can also be found in the quote viewer by moving the slider to the right. The quote table can be adjusted to your convenience. .
5. How to display my positions / trading history?
All information on your current positions can be found in the “Portfolio” tab. Manage your portfolio competently. You can understand whereon you profit or lose, find out real purchase price in BTC or USD, obtain information about pending orders and current limit orders. It also should be noted that the system will automatically inform you if StopLoss and TakeProfit has not been placed. The history of all your transactions with all currencies on all exchanges can be found in the “Transactions” tab.
6. How to place orders?
The orders allow you executing transactions in automatic mode. Having selected a particular currency pair, you need to set values for Stop Loss and Take Profit, thereafter the system will do everything by itself. .

Do you want to buy cryptocurrency? No problems! Place a corresponding order. It should be noted that funds on your account will not be reserved therewith, and you can make free use of them. You will be accordingly notified if your balance is not sufficient for the order execution.
7. How to enable notifications?
Notifications are enabled by default. You will be immediately notified when, for instance, funds entering/withdrawal has been made, an order has been sent/executed or any other event has taken place.
8. Errors.
If any errors are found, please contact our technical support service via Jivochat located at the right bottom or by email: info@traderbox.io.
9. What is Traderbox?
Traderbox terminal is a user-friendly system with a great number of adjustable tools for managing your cryptocurrency assets. You can see your portfolio valuation of all exchanges from one blotter on one screen and forget about the need to switch over between tens of tabs. We elaborated the platform terminal with a view to convenience and workability to the finest details, so that you could see all necessary indicators without switching over between the tabs and stay focused primarily on trade strategies. In order to maximise your profit and insure you from possible loss, we introduced placing orders without funds blocking: Stop-Loss, Take-profit and Trailing, even if they are not available on exchanges.
10. Why do I need this service?
For newcomers.
Learn to trade and develop strategies. Let yourself feel like a duck to water prior to start trading with real money. Therewith, you will get advantage over other traders by starting using the terminal at once and getting familiar with orders placing and their rationale: SL, TP, PS simultaneously with Trailing directly from the position. Not every exchange offers this.

For traders.
Have you developed a strategy? It’s great! Try it first on the demo-account . Does your intuition suggest you something? Excellent! Check it on the virtual exchange . Do you want to try something new, monitor accuracy of forecasts, control your portfolio? We will help here as well. In addition, over 30 indicators + charts from TradingView. You can earn more now, as you have reduced risks and keep everything under control.
11. Does Traderbox charge any fee for trading?
No, we do not charge any fee for trading.
12. Is this safe?
The terminal is resistant to any attacks or even disasters. You are secured by the two complex solutions: servers in Russia and Europe. This is provided by computing capacities of servers based on HPE Blade Server GEN9 and database systems based on HPE D2220sb Storage Blade. That means almost 100% disaster tolerance and accessibility of the trade terminal at any number of users. The terminal is hack-proof. The entire portfolio is secured. You are protected against hacking from outside due to PGP encryption . As for trading, exchanges are connected through an API with access only to trade. No transfer or withdrawal of funds are possible without your participation. To make you feel comfortable, we made a detailed video about the user security. Watch it, it will take you only 2 minutes.
13. How can I change the password?
Password can be changed in your user account in “Settings” section, click on the Change Password button. Enter your old password, then enter a new one and confirm it. Please be aware that the password shall be at least 12 symbols and contain at least one lower-case letter, at least one upper-case letter, and at least one number. Then click [Saved Password].
14. What data do I need to enclose when reporting an error?
To have a problem solved as soon as practicable, contact us via Jivochat, Telegram @traderbox and give us as many details as possible, enclose also corresponding screenshots.
15. Where can I address if I have some questions?
Your questions may be answered via Jivochat or Telegram @traderbox
16. How to add an API key?
In the upper header of the terminal, click on the down arrow, you will see a list of exchanges. Click on [+ Add Exchange] and add a key in Api Key field of the box that will appear.

17. What exchanges are connected to the terminal?
The service currently supports the following exchanges:
  • Hitbtc
  • Exmo
  • Bitfinex
  • Binance
  • Traderbox Demo
18. Where to start?
You can get familiar with the terminal interface by clicking the square cap located at the upper right (to the left of your user image) We also advise you to visit our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8REoowx5MEJZaxeGKZhzAw/featured

19. Signature verification failed. What to do?
You need to re-enter the terminal, and the error will disappear.
20. Why does an exchange fail to be added?
Please check the key that you created on the exchange. Maybe, an error occurred when copying the key – even one odd symbol prevents the system from recognising a key. Ensure that there is no odd space or symbols, the field shall contain only the key. If you are sure about correctness of the API key you entered, but the exchange still fails to be added, please contact us via email: support@traderbox.io, Jivochat or our Telegram channel @traderbox.
21. What is the service plan?
The price for access to all the terminal functions is 10.8 $ per month. When depositing more than 32.5$, you will get additional 10 days to your account, when depositing 64.9$ you will get additional 30 days to your account -
22. The “Buy” button is inactive.
The “Buy” button may be inactive due to the following reasons:
- You don’t have the currency specified in the currency pair. For instance, you want to buy ETH, select ETH/USDT, but USDT is not available on your account. Such transaction cannot be executed.
- The currency is available on your account, but its amount is less than the minimum permissible account for transaction. Minimum transaction amount is established by an exchange, we cannot do anything in this regard.

If your case does not fit any of the described above, please let us know :
- e-mail address, at which the account is registered;
- exchange, whereon the transaction fails to be executed;
- currency pair, for which the order fails to be placed.
23. How do StopLoss and TakeProfit work?
TakeProfit and StopLoss work in the following way: the system places a market order at the moment when the price of the latest transaction reaches the value set in the order. This means that the price at which transaction will be executed may mismatch, because the depth of market changes too intensively. 

The only way to have the liquidation by TakeProfit matching to the last penny is to place a limit order, not a market one, i. e. an order, which gets activated when reaching a particular price. But if the price is changes too rapidly, for instance at a currency panic increase or fall, the price may skip over the set value, and the limit order will not be executed. This creates more risks; therefore, the market order is incorporated in the mechanism of our TakeProfit and StopLoss.
24. How to delete the demo exchange?
To delete the demo exchange, you need to open the list of exchanges and click on the pencil icon located to the right of the DEMO inscription. A window will open in front of you at the bottom of which you will need to click on "You can delete this exchange account", then confirm the removal of the exchange.
25. TakeProfit has completed transaction at the price different from the price I set?
TakeProfit works in the following way: the system places a market order at the moment when the price of the latest transaction reaches the value set in the order.

This means that the price at which a transaction will be executed may mismatch, because the depth of market changes too intensively.
26. How do Trailing orders work?
For your special benefit, we made a video guide with a detailed description of Trailing StopLoss and Trailing TakeProfit mechanisms.

27. How does our referral program works?
In our video we will tell you about the features of our referral program
28. How to trade on charts?
You can change Stop Loss and Take Profit orders directly on the charts. Just click on Stop Loss or Take Profit line and move the line on the price you want. You can also see and cancel your limit orders directly on the chart.
29. How place Stop Loss and Take Profit for a part of position?
In order to close your position partly. You can use pending orders . Specially for you we have recorded special video
30. How to trade on charts?
You can change Stop Loss and Take Profit lines directly on the chart. Just grab the Stop Loss or Take Profit indicator on the chart with your cursor and move it to the level you need. You can also see your limit orders and cancel them directly on the chart. PIVOT points and candlestick patterns will also help you make the right decision. Specially for you we have recorded special video

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