How to set Stop Loss and Take Profit on a part of an asset?

Well, you know that our Stop Loss and Take Profit sells the whole position when trigger price is reached. What to do if you want to trade only a small part of the coin? We have a special tool called "Pending orders" that allows to place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders only for certain amount of the coin. For example we have 1 ETH and we want to set Stop Loss and Take profit for 0,5 ETH 1. You should click on "pending orders" tab.

2. Here we have three four graphs to fill. First of all you should fill the graph called "issue an order when the price is reached", because if you dont the other fields will be unactive

3. Current price of ETH is 0.017388. If we want to place market sell order for 0,5 ETH when price reaches 0.0173(It is our Stop Loss order) we should enter a value equal to 0.0173 in the first field and move the slider to Sell

4. We can enter any price we need, but if we want the postion is closed by market price we leave the "price" field empty. In "Quantity" field enter amount of 0,5 ETH and press big red button "when price reaches 0.0173 sell at the market price 0,5 ETH"

5. Thats all, this pending order will be your Stop Loss order for 0,5 ETH. You can cancel it in "Orders" by clicking X to the left of your order

6. To place Take Profit order you should do the same, but in first field "Issue an order when the price is reached:" you need to enter the level of your Take Profit(for example 0.0176)

In this case we dont have to use Stop Loss or Take Profit in this window, because this is a pending type of Stop Losse and Take Profit. It means that Stop Loss and Take Profit will be exposed after your pending order is done. So, after your selling of 0,5 ETH for BTC, Stop Loss and Take Profit will be placed for BTC/USDT pair. Thats why we dont use them in our case.

Good Luck with your trading :)

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