How to place orders?

You can place an order using the Trade window located on the right side of terminal

1.First, use the search box and select the cryptocurrency pair you are interested in

2. Go to the Trading window

4.Trading window allos you to buy and sell crypto assets. Just move the slider to the position you need

5. Next, you need to set the price for which you are ready to purchase / sell the asset. It should be noted that the price is set either by the user himself or in accordance with the market rate with a minimum of a day, a maximum of a day, the price of the best demand, and also the price of the best offer

6.Next, select the number of crypto assets. The system allows you to automatically set the amount equal to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% to simplify the trading process.

7. Click Buy

8. Place Stop Loss and Take Profit
Stop Loss allows you to fix losses for the trader. As soon as the price touches the level set in advance by the trader, the deal closes automatically. Thanks to this, the trader limits his losses, not allowing them to become even larger, which can lead to a complete loss of the deposit, and also helps to save time, since you do not need to constantly monitor the price level
TakeProfit is a reverse operation that fixes your profits by closing a deal when the price reaches the level that was originally set by the trader

8.Press "Not Exposed" and a dialog box will open

An order is issued by establishing a specific price level or a percentage of the current price increase. The default level is 0.1%. StopLoss and TakeProfit do not block funds in the account.

9. The system will prompt you to select the type of order. There are two types: normal and trailing. To select the type of order you need to move the slider

10. After you select the type of order, set the required price level, click “Expose” and its Done
Now Stop Loss and Take Profit lines will be displayed on the chart along with the purchase price

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