How to install Extension on Binance?

1.   Install extension to your browser

2.       Log in to

3.      Click on “Add Exchange”

4. Enter your API key name (the key can have any name)

    5.      Select Binance from the drop-down list

    6.      Select “Information” and “Transactions” in the “Permissions” field

    7.      Add API keys

    8.      Click “add”
    9.      Go to Binance and see the next box

    10. Click on the extension icon and select your previously created API key

    11. This is done. Then you just have to go to Exchange tab ➜ Basic

    12. Now any trading pair has SL/TP icon near OCO icon; by clicking on SL/TP icon, you will get to the box of StopLoss, TakeProfit and Trailing orders placing

    Prior to start of a new working session on Binance, to ensure correct operation of the extension, you need just to log in to The extension will propose you to select API keys that you have connected before.
    Have the greatest success in your trading!

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